Sunday, 9 March 2008

The absolute hell of AOL

After a period of time when AOL seemed to be getting their act together, they went and sold a bit of themselves off to Carphone Warehouse.

Since the integration of AOL customers has been going on and databases, links etc transferred from one to the other the amount of outages has more or less quadrupled.

Before, I could happily boast about how wonderful the service was, and it was, if somewhat behind in the speed stakes. But when I'd call and complain about something, which turned out to be their fault, they'd offer me a sop I would graciously accept and be a happy customer again for at least five months.

Nowadays you have to make the most of your connection whilst you can, as at any time of day or night, it will go down. And will remain down for anywhere between an hour to over six hours. And as nearly half their customer base seems to be experiencing the same problems that's quite a few people trying to vent their rage to a small number of helpless people who are just sitting their taking those punches.

So what to do.

Look into your service agreement, as they're sailing close to breaching it. If you're on a monthly contract and want to upgrade to something else, make sure they know where they stand and get that laptop and PS3.

Failing that and in the last resort, threaten court action. Bearing in mind that if you've brought your mobile phone from carphone warehouse, you won't be flavour of the month.

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