Saturday, 23 February 2008

Death of illegal p2p by 2009

So Margaret Hodge MP and others believe that ISP's should be made the new policemen of the UKs Interpipeways.

In one very great respect, you should say yes. There is an obligation for the people who create the software to be paid for their work, time and ingenuity; if that is what they wish. But I'm not to sure there are that many people out there, who think that Microsofts five versions of Vista with associated crop of problems they're causing (to anyone with legacy components) are truly worth the exorbitant cost of a single, not already installed, purchase.

I wonder, how many people out there have, over the many years, started off in graphic design or programming; by downloading or been given a copy of Photoshop or visual basic? People who have then gone on to become successful business people. In companies which purchase full bloated software packages with associated number of licenses and tie-ins.

Introducing this measure will be another way of ensuring that the majority of those who are financially under-achieving, will remain so. Without a hope of gazing into a future of vibrant possibilities.

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