Thursday, 4 December 2008

Opera 10

Browsers and their updates seem to be falling out of development cycles at a heady rate over the latter end of the year.

And the latest is an alpha version of Opera 10, available from, all the while remembering that alpha releases might be unstable and should only be used as an indication of the final release.

But Opera was one of the first to incorporate mouse gestures, one of the fastest (after the new pack rendering leader - Chrome), a delight to use, small footprint, and the browser of choice for when I decide to blow off the dust and gain access to my cobwebbed account.

So the blurb...

"This release gives people a taste of Opera’s new rendering engine, Opera Presto 2.2 — the foundation of all future Opera 10 products. Opera Presto 2.2 offers approximately a 30-percent-faster browsing experience as compared to Opera Presto 2.1, introduced in Opera 9.5 in June 2008.

Opera has fine-tuned its standards support and, as a result, Opera 10 alpha achieves an Acid3 100/100 Test score. This version also provides Web developers with a whole range of new technologies for building better Web sites.

Other new features in Opera 10 alpha include spell-checking as you type, as well as auto-updating to the latest versions as they become available. Opera Mail also has added support for HTML formatting of e-mails."

Good to see that companies like opera can still exist and come up with innovative and free software. 

If you don't, just yet, wish to risk your set up then stick with Opera 9.6.  If however your sense of adventures is piqued.  Take the plunge, download the Opera 10 (alpha) and run.