Friday, 27 June 2008

BBC's 'new' iPlayer

As an avid listener to the radio, and partial 30 minute - average - television watcher. It's only natural to become particular attached to whatever bit of equipment - hardware or software – that is used to satisfy that purpose.

So if at any time, this comes over as being slightly bucolic. I'll just have to be forgiven.

The new BBC iPlayer I have to give an overall score of 2 out of 5 (at least there’s no raspberry).

But that mark is only for the slightly larger video area, if watching a programm
e on the iPlayer.

So overall? Very disappointed. I was expecting a seamless merger of the iPlayer and the previous, wonderfully more informa radio pop-out - which took up a fifth of the screen space - and encompassed navigation controls, listings of programs (on the right hand side) one could scroll down. Small 'clicky' buttons that allowed quick and easy channel changing, and even 1 click to catch up on a program missed. This new beta (unless I’ve missed something that will which makes this missive unnecessary) could have offered so much more than it appears to, than just an integrated colour scheme.

So here’s the new window beta iPlayer pop-outy!

And here’s the previous superbly formed and excellent working pop-out.

As I might have previously said, very disappointed!