Wednesday, 12 March 2008


A bit of a change, and who'd have thought it.

"It's 2075 and even the odd skeptic, inured to the spectacular increases in global weather unpredictability, has been forced to have their patterns uploaded and blasted out into the depths of space; between the Arks heading towards 6185-2.

During the last decade, earth's glaciers have all gone. Desert areas have more than trebled. There has been a 20 fold increase in earthquake and volcanic activity, along with ferocious raging seas.

Food is at a premium. Oil, gas and coal reserves depleted, and time has run out for their replacements.

The last of the worlds democracies has been brought to its knees, from a wave of suicide Nismits, that have over the past couple of years brought the world crashing back down to the brink of hunter gatherer status. For the majority, all thoughts or ability of arresting and reversing climate change is forever lost.

For a very small lucky few, huge stellar ships blast away from a spaceport island. As in the distance another explosion rips into the sky and Washington is gone.

Recording through reinforced e-screens the sky is full of biogen, nuclear, chemical globes of death hurtling to all points across the dying earth..."

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