Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Opensource and freeware picks - august 2008

Well it's the year of the iphone with people in countries who don't have 3g networks still buying the iphone, because of the kudos. Sweet!

For this month my top ten open source picks, that have kept me happily tickled are:

  1. audacity - audio
  2. inkscape - vector drawing software
  3. gimp - photo/paint software
  4. camstudio - excellent bit of opensource software allowing you to record/capture any part of your screen vidcast
  5. openoffice 3.0 - fully fledged office suite of programs
  6. winmd5sum - cute little freeware utility that checks downloaded program checksums simply by right clicking and sending
  7. Blender 2.47 - animation 3d and game designing software which gives many of the bigger boys an excellent run for their vastly overpriced sums. Don't believe me? Check out the award it's just won
  8. firefox - a browser with so many helpful plug-ins and extensions, a browsing experience on any other computer, just isn't the same
  9. vlc media player - plays most video's, dvd formats without a hiccup
  10. cutepdf - create a pdf from any program without any hassle

That is just a quick snap shot of my current pick of favourites.  The list could go on and on.  But as each month goes by the open source and freeware developer communities, continue to spring remarkable surprises.

I might consider an iphone, once they have one that incorporates radio. Oh yes and a replaceable battery.  But who knows, it might turn out that i'll be far happier with an android.

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