Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hotwipes slackmails

A few posts have mentioned that an invisible swagbag has slunk off with some hotmailers mail bags, leaving disgruntled users simmering in its wake! 

Rumours circulated on the 26th August, that  hotmail users (exact numbers unknown), had suddenly lost 100's of emails from their accounts.  In some cases emails they'd kept, that were over 3 years old.  

Sadly anyone who takes msofts claims of security and data loss seriously - for that matter anyone who takes any company's claims for rock-solid security and data safety, has either never used a computer for a lengthy period of time, or been deep sea living and missed all the news about the pieces of data that seems to be shipping out (no pun) on a monthly basis - from public and private concerns alike!

The moral of this is ensure you have at least one back up of all your important messages.  Even if you use an offline email client, à la thunderbird.  Just download and backup those emails in zip form. Burn to a disc that is verified and encrypted - with at least 1024 bit strength encryption.

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