Friday, 18 April 2008

When does 512MB equate to 2GB?

When you are a T-Mobile customer upgrading your yearly contract and someone in customer services either can't be bothered to find out, or they think it's a very good late April Fool's wheeze, or it's company policy to get rid of old 512mb cards by telling those who they think are technically non-enabled that "the 512mb card is in fact 2GB, but just labelled incorrectly."

So having a customer (was eavesdropping over flatmate's conversation) call up and be laughingly told that the supplied card has just been labelled wrong and it is in fact 2GB and not the 512MB emblazoned across its front, makes me wonder how many other people have they tried this particular con on.

But today as flatmate spoke with another customer services representative, they apologised and said the correct card would be arriving tomorrow.

It's a shame that a painless upgrade process should be marred by the incorrect card been included in the first place, then by the attitude of the representative of such a big brand.

So T-Mobile, 2 raspberries!

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