Monday, 7 January 2008

Love & Disaster: CES

I, like many other technologically minded souls, have been waiting with heightened baited pulse for the advent of this years CES show. Especially as the peddlers of Doom & Gloom Incorporated Limited, have been doing the rounds with regard to credit crunches, country collapses, and soon to be mega-disasters, coming along to add the final touches to finishing us off!

Putting all that to one side, it was good to see that companies are still out there doing their bit to give all of us, easier happier life's, whilst also parting us from our cash; but I might have mentioned that particular earlier.

So after the first day let's get down to it, and in no particular order...

On the software side it has to (especially when I get a faster computer with a graphics card that properly works - very disappointing ATI-AMD, very disappointing) be SpaceTime a wonderful free piece of software... actually much quicker if you pop to this site for a sublime description, but with 3D Vista Aero style flying things happily working, albeit slowly, on my ageing XP PC is straightforward, easy to use and definitely another line added to the do I really need to upgrade to Vista? list. Also, having a 22inch plus wide screen monitor would be of help.

Then on the hardware side, Panasonic's 150inch plasma tv, drool and I don't care who sees me... Might have to go down that ten bedroomed house with 30ft walls route after all. Sigh!

Hates (or if that is to harsh, dislikes)
Do I really need a bulky table costing over $5,000 so that I can zip and zoom into whilst dragging things around. Not at this time, and no it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that it's from MSoft.

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