Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Is lame-ass-sheep to strong a term?

Looking and listening to swoons of delight over Apple's soon to be, newest baby money spinner... the MacBook Air, with comments ranging from ..."how will the competition counter this," to "genius at work!"

Seems that way to much reporting's been done by people seemingly with heads in the air lauding anything coming out of the Cuperold stables; again, so it seems.

But perhaps there is an in joke doing the rounds, and the naming's been shortened to MacBook Air, from MacBook Airhead!

It is definitely one of the thinnest portables out there measuring a slim 19mm. But what about the other bits under that very sleek and lovely bonnet, compared to other computers out there, basic models?

Well let's take one of the most important, battery life (light usage): about 5 hours with the Air, but with the Sony VAIO G11 that clocks up 9 hours!

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