Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Damn that AOL…

Taking my communications connection into my hands, I plumped to remain with AOL.  All it took was the assurance of a few months payment free, a new router, inclusive calls and a minimum speed of at least 14 Mbps (on a 24 Mbps line), which would have doubled my average 7 Mbps and all for less than two tenners glued together and slapped on a managers forehead. 

It so appealed to my penny pinching new scrooge mould, I said yes to the new 24 Mbps service where I would ‘experience a noticeable difference' and ‘speeds wouldn't dip below 14 Mbps,’ who wouldn’t?

My line could handle it.

I was told.

Naturally I whooped at this.  I would finally get to watch the iPlayer in HD, and experience broadband for what it was designed for, turning the not so healthy into utter über-sized couch-potatoes.
The brief burst of enjoyment however, soon fizzled, as can be seen by the following graph.


If only I could summon up the energy to lift the phone, give a piece of my mind and swap ISP.

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