Thursday, 27 November 2008

McAfee - sorry our systems are down

So it's too expensive for McAfee to twiddle around with their database and either insert an extra field or amend a field and put a conditional statement for its use.

If that's to difficult for them, makes you wonder how they're managing to work out new definition tables and keep systems 'secure'. Oh that's right, they're only pretending.

Last time I used McAfee was... that long ago. Its either ZoneAlarm and AVG, or Avast and ZoneAlarm, or Comodo. Dependent on which becomes inoperable during an update.

Well if people out there are still buying stuff from McAfee, hope this gives them very great pause for concern.

There are plenty of good free security programs out there, which don't need a degree in astrophysics to operate. Be bold, be brave and give them a whirl.


AVG - (free antivirus/spam)

Zonealarm - (free firewall)

Comodo - (free internet security suite)

Avast - (free home edition with daily updates)

As of a couple of hours after this went up, mcgaff did an about turn, saying they would pass on the percentage cut.

This should be enough for those who (why?) buy it, to go out and celebrate. Their - approx. - £1.12475p saving can be used towards a pint (or half) of beer, in any happy smoke free, bodily malodorous pubs; that are still out there serving the things.

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