Friday, 9 November 2007

iPhoneness and the clicks of death.

Unlike the PS3 the iPhone hasn't really seen the same number of people clambering, fighting, kicking over the elderly and infirm outside of shops to get hold of one of these delicious 21st century icons.  But supply issues aren't the problem here - as all those who initially brought truckloads in the US found out - no, it's more the 18 month albatross of a contract which isn't to everyone's fancy, as well as the first version of anything (aka Vista) leaving your newly purchased goods in the lap of the gods of reliability. 
Watching umpteen videos of said shiny goods reminds me of my first Iomega Zip drive purchase experience, and suffering the dreaded clicks of death (it's even in that font of all knowledge, Wikipedia), tape backups - from Iomega tape drives - which backed up then refused to admit that any data was on them, nowadays I much prefer to wait for the third version of a particular bit of hardware but especially software, or at least when prices come down from their initial stratospheric levels.  

But, the look of the iPhone and its lovely GUI, means that at some stage I along with many others will be hooked into buying one.  Although hopefully by then, other manufacturers will have got their act together and the competition will truly be worthwhile.

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